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Election 2021

Politics This Morning: Liberal Louis re-elected in Kitchener; recount expected in Manitoba race between Liberal, Conservative candidates

By Samantha Wright Allen      

Plus, some Tories publicly backed Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole following calls for his ouster, while one re-elected Conservative criticized the embattled leader.

Liberal incumbent in Kitchener, Tim Louis, left, was finally declared a winner, while one riding in Manitoba will face a recount between Liberal candidate Doug Eyolfson, centre, and Conservative incumbent Marty Morantz. Photographs courtesy of Twitter

Good Friday morning,

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Federal ministers, MPs, and staff working on high-stakes Ontario election

News|By Abbas Rana
Liberal MP Michael Coteau predicts that Ontarians will vote Liberal in tight Liberal-NDP races in order to oust the Ford government.

Modernization of CSIS Act ‘long overdue’ say national security experts

News|By Mike Lapointe
Authoritarian regimes are exploiting both conventional and technological means to expand their spheres of influence and control, says a CSIS spokesperson.

Groups return to ‘invaluable’ in-person advocacy on the Hill after years lobbying behind screens

For the first time since COVID-19’s outbreak in 2020, some organizations lobbied on the Hill for a 'relationship building’ experience unmatched by virtual events, says Direct Sellers Association of Canada’s Peter Maddox.

New blood donation policy still targets queer men and trans women, advocates argue

News|By Stuart Benson
While every donor will now be asked the same questions, the new policy’s focus on anal sex and barring those who take PrEP is seen by some as more egregious and intrusive than the previous blanket ban.

A ‘Parliamentary Precinct family reunion’: Politics and the Pen in person for first time in two years

News|By Stuart Benson
This year’s finalists feature some of the country’s best non-fiction writing on Canada’s financial future, China relations, the SNC-Lavalin affair, and historic and influential women in politics.

Experts, critics wary of feds’ ‘clearly opposite’ private investing plan to rejig infrastructure bank

Infrastructure Bank CEO Ehren Cory has talked about finding win-win projects that serve both public and private interests, but critics say this middle ground has proved elusive.

No big winners or losers in curious Conservative leadership debate, say strategists

News|By Ian Campbell
Several candidates had 'their sights set on trying to blunt Pierre Poilievre’s momentum,' while also trying to 'shore up more moderate support for themselves,' say Conservative strategists.

Bloc motion to remove ‘archaic’ prayer in House defeated by Conservative, Liberal MPs

Conservative, Liberal, and NDP MPs panned the Bloc’s use of its opposition day motion as wasting ‘an entire day’ in Parliament on a matter they said Canadians did not care about.

RCMP neither requested nor planned for Emergencies Act powers, commissioner tells MPs, Senators

News|By Stuart Benson
Parliamentarians questioned whether invocation of the Emergencies Act constituted 'a failure of police,' pointing to a double standard between police handling of the convoy compared to pipeline protesters.
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