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Trade Minister Mary Ng

Mary Ng, the minister responsible for international trade and small business, joins the Hot Room to field questions about vaccines for the developing world, her push for WTO reform, and trade with the U.S., China, and Taiwan.  

PBO Yves Giroux on debt, stimulus, and the fall update

The Parliamentary Budget Officer joins The Hot Room to discuss his recent report on the government's fall economic statement, and weigh in on government spending and transparency. 

Marc Miller, minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

Minister Marc Miller joins The Hot Room to talk about the priorities in his mandate letter, the government's multi-billion dollar commitment to fix First Nations child services, the Justice Department's court battles over Indigenous issues, and more. 

$40-billion to right a wrong, with Cindy Blackstock

The leader of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada breaks down the impact of the government's announcement of $40-billion to compensate Indigenous kids taken from their family homes, and fix the gaps in the child welfare system.

MP John McKay

The veteran Liberal MP weighs in on a "lost year," Bill 21, inflation, and what's in store in 2022.


Inflation 101, with Christopher Ragan

McGill University's Christopher Ragan joins The Hot Room to explain how inflation works, whether the Trudeau government is to blame for rising prices, and the Bank of Canada's new-look plan to manage it. 

Talking politics, with MP Melissa Lantsman

Melissa Lantsman, a rising star in the Conservative caucus, talks with host Peter Mazereeuw about the direction of her party, her political roots, and her new job as the transport critic. 

Inside the Senate, with Raymonde Saint-Germain

Senate Leader Raymonde Saint-Germain talks about government bills, taking on the top job in the ISG, and more.

The return of Parliament, with Peter Julian

The NDP's House Leader talks about the government's pre-Christmas  legislative agenda, the NDP's role in the 44th Parliament, fundraising, and confidence votes. 

The history of Canadian multiculturalism, with Nelson Wiseman

Historian Nelson Wiseman gives us a brisk tour of the history behind Canada's oft-vaunted multiculturalism, and where immigration and politics met and melded over the centuries.

Political cartooning, with Michael de Adder

Political cartoonist Michael de Adder talks about his path to making it big; an uncomfortable encounter with Peter MacKay; political polarization; ’Twitter Liberals’; and why Canada is not a good place to draw cartoons right now.

Yasir Naqvi, and the new cabinet

The audaciously humble Neil Moss helps to break down the PM’s cabinet choices. Then, MP and former Ontario minister Yasir Naqvi talks about the new cabinet, federal-provincial childcare negotiations, and why he entered federal politics. 

Hill Times:



Why immigrants don't go on 'the dole', with Elizabeth Long

Immigrants 'on the dole'? Elizabeth Long doesn't think so.

An immigration lawyer with Long Mangalji, Ms. Long unpacks the rules and safeguards in Canada's immigration system, and fact-checks Premier Doug Ford's controversial warning to would-be immigrants to work hard and stay off social assistance. 


Cabinet speculation, with Dale Smith

Who's in, who's out, and who's getting shuffled? Press gallery journalist Dale Smith joins The Hot Room to discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's next cabinet. 

Governing Canada, with Michael Wernick

Canada’s former chief public servant talks about his new book on the inner workings of cabinet, and his controversial exit from the role.

Digging into the military propaganda scandal, with David Pugliese

Canada’s military has been caught surveilling activists, gathering data on Canadian’s social media posts, and training soldiers to deceive entire communities. Journalist David Pugliese walks us through his reporting on these operations.

Sizing up the next Parliament, with Sheila Copps

Former deputy PM Sheila Copps weighs in on election 44, and the path ahead for Justin Trudeau’s third Liberal government.

Canada's safest seats, with Mike Lapointe

With election day approaching, Hill Times reporter Mike Lapointe breaks down the safest seats in the House of Commons, and what it means to hold one.  

Politics and the Pen, 2021 and beyond

We check in on the status of one of Politics and the Pen, an annual fundraiser honouring Canada's top political novel of the year, with co-chairs Elizabeth Gray-Smith of GSD & Company and Jim Armour of Summa Strategies.

Digging into Erin O'Toole's 'brand bump', with Nik Nanos

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole and his Conservative Party are surging in the polls, and have drawn even with the Liberals. Pollster Nik Nanos takes us behind the numbers. 

The Liberals' campaign strategy, with Omar Khan

Liberal strategist Omar Khan breaks down the election campaign, and the case for Justin Trudeau's party to return to power.

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O'Toole and the Harper paradox, with Gerry Nicholls

Political strategist Gerry Nicholls weighs in on Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole's election campaign, and how he can escape the shadow of former prime minister Stephen Harper.

How would the NDP fight a fall election?

NDP strategist Kathleen Monk weighs in on how the New Democrats will fare if an election is held this fall.  

Parsing the CBSA standoff, with Richard Savage

Richard Savage, first national vice-president of the Customs and Immigration Union, explains why Canada's border officers are threatening to strike—and how it could cost the government more than $87-million per day.

Previewing a late summer election, with pollster Shachi Kurl

What's on Canadians' minds, as rumours of an election call abound? The president of the Angus Reid Institute, Shachi Kurl, walks us through her latest data, and what it means for the federal parties. 

The change in Canadian politics, with Wayne Easter

Outgoing MP Wayne Easter joins The Hot Room to discuss the change in Canadian politics and the Prime Minister's Office during his 28 years in the House of Commons. 

Private members who meant business: how to change the law from the backbenches

MPs Len Webber and Matt Jeneroux beat the odds to pass private member's bills in June that will encourage organ donation and change the rules for bereavement leave. They tells us how, and why. 

Liberal fortunes and the 43rd Parliament, with former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps

“Sometimes to make big things happen, you need to step on toes.”

Former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps weighs in on fixing the long-term care sector, a late-summer election, and the forty-third Parliament.

Branches of government collide, with Steven Chaplin

Former House of Commons lawyer Steven Chaplin walks us through the ins and outs of the battle between the Liberal government and the House of Commons over secret documents the feds won't disclose.

Tracking the pandemic cohort, with Iain Reeve

Canada's government changed the way it was evaluating would-be immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. How this class of new Canadians fares over time will teach us important lessons about the the strengths and flaws of our immigration system, says Iain Reeve, the associate director of immigration research at The Conference Board of Canada. 

After Kamloops: the way forward, with Rose LeMay

Many Canadians were shocked when the bodies of 215 children were discovered at the former site of the Kamloops residential school.They may be more surprised to learn how their government is handling some Indigenous policy files today.

Rose LeMay walks us through the modern day battle between the federal government and Indigenous peoples.

Breaking down the final weeks of Parliament, with Yaroslav Baran

MPs will rise for the summer adjournment on June 23rd, and they may not come back before the next election. The government has plenty of legislation left on the agenda, and few days to try and pass it. Earnscliffe Strategy Group consultant Yaroslav Baran, a former chief of staff to a government House leader, breaks down how the parties will handle the legislative "silly season."

Re-engaging Canada's ex-pats, with Senator Yuen Pau Woo

Nearly three million Canadian citizens live in another country. Senator Yuen Pau Woo tells us why he thinks the government should do more to harness this "hidden asset" for Canada.

'No one earns a billion dollars': Tax avoidance and evasion in Canada

Canada doesn't have a stellar track record on going after tax evasion and avoidance. The budget made some investments to help enforcement, but will it work? Senator Percy Downe and NDP MP Matthew Green walk us through it to find out. 

Music by Gavin Gardiner 


How will C-10 actually affect social media and broadcasting in Canada?

Bill C-10, the bill to update the Broadcasting Act introduced by Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, has been making headlines for weeks after an amendment was introduced that experts and the opposition says could regulate social media content.

The Wire Report's Jenna Cocullo gets us up to speed on the actual bill, Corus Entertainment's Troy Reeb gives us a broadcaster's perspective, and Liberal MP Anthony Housefather gives his take on the controversy and where the bill stands at committee. 

Music by Gavin Gardiner 

What does the budget say about foreign policy? 🌎

The 2021 federal budget had a lot of spending on domestic policy, but what did it have to say about foreign policy? Hill Times reporter Neil Moss breaks down what the budget said, what it didn't, and what it could mean for Canada's place in a post-pandemic world. 

Music by Gavin Gardiner

What's the deal with the Rogers-Shaw merger, and are your cellphone bills going to get cheaper?

There've been some big developments in the telecommunications industry in the past couple of weeks. Rogers and Shaw announced a $26-billion dollar merger, and the CRTC came out with a decision that could have a big impact on your cellphone bills. We brought on Mike Lee Murphy, editor of the Wire Report, to walk us through what these two developments mean, why they matter, and how it could affect you. 

Your 2021 budget breakdown

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland delivered the Liberal government's first budget in two years, marking the first time a woman has done so in Canadian history. Kevin Page, John Delacourt, and Erica Ifill walk us through the document so you don't actually have to read it. Trust us, it's over 700 pages. 

Music by Gavin Gardiner

Should Canada have 100 million people?

Canada's a pretty small country. In the face of a declining birth rate, should the government seek to dramatically boost our population? What would happen and how would we even do it? Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker walks us through it all and what it would mean for Canada's future. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

What goes into a budget?

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland will present the government's first budget in two years on April 19. Finance committee chair Wayne Easter and vice-chair Pat Kelly join The Hot Room to give us their take on what should be in the budget and what role the Finance committee plays in the budget process. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

What's it like to get sanctioned?

Conservative MP Michael Chong woke up on Saturday morning to news he'd been sanctioned over a motion he put forward in the House of Commons to deem the Chinese government's treatment of the Uyghur people as a genocide. He takes us through what it means to him, why it happened, and what the Canadian government should do in the face of an increasingly assertive Chinese foreign policy. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Sexual misconduct scandal at Department of Defence takes new twists

The ongoing sexual misconduct scandal at the Department of National Defence took new twists this week with key players testifying before House of Commons committees, and more reporting on the fallout from military members. Hill Times reporter Samantha Wright Allen walks us through what happened, why it matters, and where we could go from here. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

What to watch at the Conservative convention 👀

Erin O'Toole has been in some hot water lately. MPs have been speaking to newspapers to voice their frustration with his leadership. Now, the party membership will have their say on the direction of the party at the Conservative policy convention. Hill Times reporter Palak Mangat and Hill Times columnist Tim Powers walk us through what to watch. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod  

Will parliamentary posturing lead to an election?

The parties have been trading barbs for weeks over which of them is causing consternation in the Commons. What's behind all the harsh words? Could it lead to a pandemic election? Conservative house leader Gérard Deltell and parliamentary secretary to the government house leader Kevin Lamoureux join The Hot Room to explain their side of the story. 

Music by Kevin Mcleod 

A crisis in the military and an inside look at lobbying the federal government

A two part podcast! First, we talk with CUTRIC's Josipa Petrunic to get an look inside a lobbying campaign that just bore fruit in the form of the Liberal government's multi-billion dollar transit funding announcement. 

Second, we talk with Hill Times columnist Scott Taylor about the ongoing crisis in the Canadian Armed Forces after investigations were launched into former top general Jonathan Vance and Art McDonald, his short-lived replacement who recently stepped aside from the top job. 

Music by Kevin Macleod 

Will the Liberals' approach to drug decriminalization work?

The government just introduced a new bill that takes steps towards drug decriminalization in the face of the ongoing opioid crisis. The bill doesn't go all the way towards decriminalization, but will these interim measures achieve the goals of reducing overdoses and overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous people in Canadian prisons? Liberal MP and parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Justice Arif Virani and University of Windsor law professor Bill Bogart join to walk us through it all. 

Music by Kevin Macleod

How common is vaccine hesitancy in Canada?

As Canada's vaccine supply slowly ramps up, should policy makers be worried about how many people are willing to take it? Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, joins The Hot Room to walk us through his research on vaccine hesitancy in Canada and how we compare to other countries. 

Music by Kevin Macleod

Should Alzheimer's patients qualify for medical assistance in dying?

Senator Pamela Wallin's mother and grandmother had Alzheimer's. She knows firsthand the pain the disease can bring to an person and their family. That's why she's been an outspoken advocate for amending the assisted dying law, currently before the Senate, to allow those suffering from the disease to make an advanced request for medically assisted death. She joined The Hot Room for a candid conversation on a deeply personal and difficult issue for hundreds of thousands of Canadians. 

Music by Kevin Macleod

Why scheduling and tracking are essential to the COVID vaccine rollout

You may have heard that Canada’s been having some issues with vaccine supply in the  past few weeks. 

Getting enough doses into the country is just one issue the vaccination drive will face. 

Dr. Kumanan Wilson, a physician scientist at The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa professor, and CEO of CANImmunize, joined The Hot Room to discuss how the technologies used to schedule and track the rollout are essential to ensuring the largest healthcare intervention in human history runs smoothly. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Senator Murray Sinclair on his Senate tenure, Reconciliation, and white supremacy

Senator Murray Sinclair said he has no interest in the Governor General post but is interested in being part of the appointment process. He joined The Hot Room to talk about the role of the Governor General in an evolving Canadian society, his Senate tenure, Reconciliation, and white supremacy. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Derek Sloan is out. Is a new conservatism in?

Derek Sloan was booted from the Conservative caucus after a "destructive pattern of behaviour" over the past year, the final straw being his accepting a donation from a known white supremacist during the Conservative leadership campaign. 

Mr. Sloan has been a thorn in the side of Conservative leader Erin O'Toole since Mr. O'Toole won the leadership in August. How does this move affect the direction Mr. O'Toole is trying to take the party? Will Sloan and his brand still be a presence in Canadian politics?

Conservative strategist and Hill Times columnist Tim Powers joins The Hot Room to walk us through it all. 

Music by Kevin Macleod 

It can happen here: White supremacy and neo-fascism in Canada

In the wake of Capitol Hill riots many have wondered aloud whether there is a similar threat posed by hate groups in Canada. The country has already seen a number of heinous attacks by supporters of neo-fascist ideologies, and the threat to politicians and citizens alike continues to grow as these groups gain a following online. Stephanie Carvin, professor of international relations at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs and an expert on terrorism, joins The Hot Room to walk us through what it all means for Canadian politics. 

What to watch for in Canadian politics in 2021

Hill Times deputy editor Peter Mazereeuw, Hill Times managing editor Charelle Evelyn, and freelance journalist Dale Smith, author of The Unbroken Machine: Canada's Democracy in Action discuss the top storylines for each party ahead of the House returning on Jan. 25. 

Will there be an election? How can Erin O'Toole balance playing to the Conservative base and courting a larger coalition? Can Jagmeet Singh revitalize the NDP? Can the Bloc Quebecois maintain their support  as other parties look to pick off seats in Quebec? What vision does Annamie Paul have for the Green Party and how can she win a seat in the House of Commons? And how does the pandemic and vaccine rollout affect it all? All this and more in this episode of The Hill Times Hot Room

Music by Kevin MacLeod 

A new immigration plan for a post COVID Canada

The Liberal government recently promised to admit over 400,000 immigrants per year over the next three years, the highest number in over a century. Is this the right time to pursue the policy? How will COVID affect the plan? Conservative immigration critic Raquel Dancho joins The Hot Room to give us her thoughts on the ambitious plan.  

Programming note: This episode was recorded on Dec. 14 at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde on reconciliation and his legacy

Perry Bellegarde, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, is stepping down after six years at the helm of the organization that advocates for nearly one million First Nations people. He joins The Hot Room to talk about how reconciliation has progressed over his tenure, what work still has to be done, why he's not running for National Chief again, and what comes next. 


Music by Kevin MacLeod 

"They could pick and choose what they want": Contradictory 'fiscal guardrails' in fall economic statement

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux joins the Hot Room to discuss the government's fall economic statement and his recent report that argued the Liberal government's fall economic statement uses contradictory guardrails that could derail a post-pandemic recovery. 


Music by Kevin MacLeod


A plan to meet the Paris Agreement targets?

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate accords and evidently the Liberal government wanted to make a splash. The federal government released an ambitious climate plan aimed at getting Canada on the path to meeting its Paris targets and a net zero economy. The Healthy Planet and Healthy Economy plan proposes spending $15-billion on 64 different measures, including building retrofits and electric vehicle incentives, along with raising the carbon tax, something the Liberals promised repeatedly NOT to do in the 2018 election. 

There’s a ton more in the plan, so we brought on Sara Hastings-Simon, a researcher at the University of Calgary and the Payne Institute of Public Policy to walk us though it. 

How climate change is killing Canadians

A new report by The Lancet has some startling findings on how climate change affects our health, and how it could be partially responsible for thousands of deaths per year in Canada. Dr. Finola Hackett and Dr. Claudel Petrin-Desrosiers analyzed the report to find out what it means for Canadians. They joined The Hot Room to walk us through their findings. 

Canada's privacy laws set for biggest change in decades

Canada's privacy laws have been pilloried by experts for years as unfit for the digital age. The government recently introduced a new bill aimed at bringing the privacy regime into the 21st century. That law, C-11, could see a fundamental reset of the existing framework. University of Ottawa professor Teresa Scassa, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Information Law and Policy, joins The Hot Room to walk us through the key issues. 

Liberal climate change target bill needs "more accountability" in the next 10 years to help fight climate change

The Liberal government just tabled new legislation on climate change accountability with the goal of meeting, and even exceeding, Canada's climate change targets. How will the bill help keep future Canadian governments accountable to these targets? Where are the loopholes? Will the bill actually help accomplish these important goals? Eco Justice lawyer Julia Croome joins The Hot Room to answer these questions and more.  

A new international roadmap for a post-COVID recovery

Two vaccine candidates have given the world a flicker of the light at the end of the COVID-shaped tunnel. With that light in mind, the UN just released a paper titled UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery focused on key questions that need answering if the recovery is to be equitable, sustainable, and resilient. Steven Hoffman, scientific director of the Institute of Population and Public Health at the Canadian Institute for Health Research, was heavily involved in the development of the roadmap and joins The Hot Room to take us through what it argues for in a post-COVID world. 

A military education system in crisis?

Statistics Canada released a report in October showing Canadian military colleges rife with sexual harassment and assault. The military has tried to rid itself of sexual misconduct over the years, but has been less than successful. Why does this problem persist and what can be done about it? Michel Drapeau and Joshua Juneau join The Hot Room to offer some answers. 

Erica Ifill on the U.S. election

Hill Times columnist Erica Ifill, who also co-hosts the Bad + Bitchy podcast and co-owns Not in My Colour, joins The Hot Room to talk the still-ongoing U.S. election. Erica touches on transnational populism, racism in Canada, the pandemic-induced economic fallout, and more. 

NDP MP Jenny Kwan on what Canada could do to help the people of Hong Kong

China's National Security Law, passed in response to massive protests in Hong Kong, tightened the Chinese Communist Party's control over the semi-autonomous region. NDP MP Jenny Kwan, her party's immigration critic, joins The Hot Room to discuss what policy levers the government can pull on to help Hong Kongers. 

Conservative House Leader Gérard Deltell

Conservative House Leader Gérard Deltell joins The Hot Room to talk about the Conservative motion to strike a special committee to study the WE scandal and the government's pandemic response, and the newest motion to have the Health Committee study the government's pandemic response.

Family reunification policy with Elizabeth Long

The family reunification immigration lottery system just opened up and Elizabeth Long joins The Hot Room to take us through the changes in the program over the past decade, the pros and cons of a lottery system, and how Canada's traditional economic immigration streams can hurt immigrant families in Canada. 

The state of science policy in Canada with Paul Dufour

Chief Science Advisor Dr. Mona Nemer was just reappointed to a two-year term and released her annual report. The University of Ottawa's Paul Dufour joins The Hot Room to talk about the history of the position, how it differs from other models across the world, and what could be coming down the road for Canadian science as the pandemic continues to rage, and more. 

Addressing chronic homelessness with Western's Abe Oudshoorn

The Liberal government "is now focused on entirely eliminating chronic homelessness in Canada" according to the Speech from the Throne. Billions of dollars of investments were made prior to the pandemic, with billions more dollars coming during COVID to help address homelessness in Canada. Western University professor of nursing Abe Oudshoorn joins The Hot Room to unpack this ambitious promise. 

Dissecting the Throne Speech with McGill's Daniel Béland

Governor General Julie Payette delivered the Throne Speech and to Canada's collective relief it didn't mention spaceships. It did, however, promise quite the ambitious agenda. Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada and political science professor Daniél Beland joins The Hot Room to parse through the rhetoric and tell us what to expect in Canadian politics going forward. 

How to do quicker COVID testing with Prof. David Juncker

Testing centres across the country, and especially in Ottawa, are filling up, with some wait times over six hours. Professor David Juncker, chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department at McGill University, joins The Hot Room to talk rapid saliva tests for COVID-19 and how they could help ahead of a vaccine. 

Breakfast at Tiff's: Unpacking the Bank of Canada's role in the economic recovery

Christopher Ragan, director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University, joins The Hot Room to take us through Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem's speech on the Bank's role in the economic recovery. 

Rose LeMay on Sir John A. Macdonald and residential schools

Rose LeMay is the CEO of the Indigenous Reconciliation Group, a twice-monthly Hill Times columnist, and member of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation in northern British Columbia. She joins The Hot Room to discuss protestors toppling a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Montreal, two residential schools being designated as national historic sites, and the Liberal track record on reconciliation. 

The Age of O'Toole with Tim Powers

Erin O'Toole takes over as leader of the Conservative Party during a worldwide pandemic with a prorogued parliament and a general election lurking in the shadows of West Block. 

How did we get here, and where do we go next? Tim Powers is vice-president of Summa Strategies, managing director of Abacus Data, a Hill Times columnist, joins The Hot Room to discuss all things Conservative leadership. 

Matthew Kronby on the second aluminum war

Tariffs are back! U.S. President Donald Trump slapped aluminum tariffs on Canada again. Trade lawyer Matthew Kronby joins The Hot Room to talk about the economic impact, Canada's ability to respond, and how the looming U.S. election could affect it all. 

Professor Jonathan Malloy on Canada's new Finance Minister

Carleton University Professor Jonathan Malloy joins the Hot Room to talk Bill Morneau's departure, Chrystia Freeland as the new Finance Minister, and internal power dynamics within Cabinet. Sorry to all Dominic LeBlanc fans.

Steven Hoffman on Canada's COVID response

York University professor Steven Hoffman, one of Canada's leading experts on public health, joins The Hot Room to evaluate Canada's COVID response to date - and where we go from here. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod 

"Acid Trumpet" and "Faster Does It"

Andrew Leslie talks Canadian foreign policy ahead of the U.S. election

Former lieutenant general and Liberal MP Andrew Leslie joins to talk about Canadian foreign policy ahead of the U.S. election. Hill Times reporter Neil Moss takes us through a story he wrote on a new parliamentary process for trade deals. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod 

"Acid Trumpet" and "Faster Does it" 

The WE scandal with Nik Nanos

Nik Nanos joins the pod to talk about how the WE scandal could affect Canadians' attitudes toward the Liberal Party and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as more details continue to emerge. In the second half, Hill Times deputy editor Laura Ryckewaert talks about a survey she conducted on political staff diversity. 

Music by Kevin MacLeod

"Faster Does It" and "Acid Trumpet"

Senator Gwen Boniface talks police reform

Senator Gwen Bonfiace, former head of the OPP, talks police reform in Canada, her experience with the Ipperwash Inquiry, and more. 

Contact Tracing and Chris Sands

Host Peter Mazereeuw returns from vacation to talk with reporter Aidan Chamandy about the new contact-tracing app. Chris Sands, head of the Wilson Center's Canada Institute, also joins The Hot Room to talk about Canada-U.S. trade tensions and the USMCA. 


Paul Heinbecker

Paul Heinbecker, former Canadian ambassador to the United Nations, joins The Hot Room to talk about Canada's unsuccessful campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council. Hill Times managing editor Charelle Evelyn also joins to talk about her recent story on Black public servants pushing back against racism in the federal public service.

Kevin Page on government spending during COVID-19.

Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page joins the podcast to talk about the government's unprecedented spending during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Hill Times reporter Mike Lapointe digs into his latest story on a lack of diversity in the Parliament Press Gallery. 

About The Hill Times Hotroom podcast

Political insiders and policy experts weigh in on the biggest stories in Candian politics every week. The Hill Times' reporters take you behind the curtain, and reveal details that didn't make it into the final version of their latest stories.

The Hill Times Hotroom is hosted by deputy editor Peter Mazereeuw, and edited by reporter Aidan Chamandy. The show is a Hill Times production. Art was created by senior online and graphic designer Joey Sabourin. Music attribution: "Faster Does It" Kevin MacLeod ( and "Acid Trumpet" Kevin MacLeod ( (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License)

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