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Policy Briefing: Trade
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on Feb. 16, the day after it voted through the CETA. Adam Scotti photograph courtesy of the PMO

CETA sets a new standard for progressive trade

Lowered or eliminated tariffs could cut the prices of European goods for Canadian consumers and give Canada's exporters a leg-up in European markets.
‘Yes or no’ isn’t part of the government’s consultation on free trade with the Asian superpower.
When properly supported, trade can act as a catalyst for productivity and innovation.
Opinion|Paul Moen
A new lead on the trade file in the PMO could act as a buffer for the ministers involved, and more.
Opinion|Gerry Ritz
Government inaction is causing cracks to form in the once-solid foundation of Canadian trade policy.
Consultations with Parliamentarians and the public during negotiations can help Canadian trade negotiators in their work.
The Asian power wants its partners to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but that could ‘antagonize’ Donald Trump, says a former trade minister's aide.
Opinion|Tracey Ramsey
The government has yet to resolve several trade disputes with the United States, and signed a trade deal with Europe that will lead to higher drug prices.
'We’re in a period of great uncertainty,' one top bureaucrat told Senators last month. The foreign ministry is preparing for anything and everything as a trade renegotiation inches closer.
Most of the CETA will likely come into force within a few months, but not the much-discussed investment dispute provisions.
Opinion|Carlo Dade
For Canada, privileged access to Asian markets would be key.

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