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Policy Briefing: Transportation — 02-27-2017
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna's announced carbon tax is not expected to have an immediate impact on the way oil is transported in Canada. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Petro-transport industry not immediately affected by carbon taxes: experts

Feature|Denis Calnan
'It’s not going to force people to choose a renewable option over a fossil option. There’s just not enough cost there yet,' says Queen's University's Warren Mabee.
If not for the infrastructure funding, the Canadian economy would be growing at a pace that would probably leave the unemployment rate 'unchanged,' says the Conference Board's Craig Alexander.
If the Liberal government is at all interested, as it proclaims, in a strong economy, it is hard to believe it's proceeding with the implementation a carbon tax.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau will be busy this spring as the government prepares to introduce much-discussed legislation on rail service and tanker traffic, and move forward on new vehicle safety regulations.
Canadian oil needs to get to world markets. The federal government must make sure it can.
Feature|Micaal Ahmed
Improving the experiences of travellers, ensuring safer transportation, and working toward green and innovative transportation are among the priorities.
Feature|Micaal Ahmed
Airport authorities are warning that privatization won’t reap the lucrative benefits being touted by proponents, and will make travelling more expensive for customers.

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