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Policy Briefing: Agriculture
Canadian food producers are concerned what U.S. President Donald Trump's intention of renegotiating NAFTA will mean for them. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Trump presidency puts Canada’s food producers on alert

Feature|Denis Calnan
A renegotiation of NAFTA might be positive, and there's also export opportunities in Asia to be explored.
Growing Forward is coming to an end and there's no indication of what commitment this government will make to new programming as it is implemented.
Opinion|Ralph Eichler
Each province takes a varied approach to land use planning, and we have much to gain if there's better alignment and understanding among us. We are currently in the planning stages of the next federal/provincial/ territorial agricultural framework; perhaps we can weave in funding to support research to identify where the provinces stand on land ownership and usage and give us a better knowledge to be used for elective land use planning.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Whether or not Canada's supply-management system in agriculture is a focus of new U.S. President Donald Trump, experts say the system is undergoing change and will continue to do so.
As growing protectionist sentiment stateside stokes fears in Canada, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay reiterates the Liberal government's commitment to 'promoting Canadian agricultural interests.'
Research in organic systems is supporting a long neglected agricultural sector that is responding remarkably. Investment in organic agriculture research is a solid bet.
As Canada celebrates 150 years of nationhood, the future of Canada’s agriculture and food industry is ripe with opportunity.
The reality in Canada is that we have been protecting farmland for more than 40 years, yet despite these direct efforts, Canada is still losing farmland right across the country. More important, it's still losing some of its best farmland.
The promise of inserting reciprocal penalties into service-level agreements is hailed by one advocate as 'very important,' as it will introduce 'commercial-like' contracts between shippers and railways.
Opinion|Lyle Stewart
Our government's goal is to ensure the long-term success of Saskatchewan's agriculture industry. We believe the rules in place in the Saskatchewan Farm Security Act help us to do that.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Serge Buy, CEO of the Agricultural Institute of Canada, says there is a role for the federal government in electricity prices, even though this is provincial jurisdiction.

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