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Policy Briefing: University and College Research
Countries that do innovation well have modelled their centres of excellence in a cross-disciplinary fashion driven by industry-determined problems, argues Marilyn Gladu. Photograph courtesy of Eelke Dekker

Canada must do more to boost innovation

We will need to up our risk tolerance and account for cross-disciplinary work.
Opinion|Paul Dufour
Science learning is being retooled.
In today’s global economy, education, research, and innovation play critical roles in the balance sheet of all nations.
Many researchers have complaints about the grant application and peer review process, says ex-Liberal MP Ted Hsu.
Universities Canada says the federal government must be prepared to spend to shore up Canada's global standing in research excellence.
‘If you’re not getting your first grant till 43...it’s impossible,’ says Kirsty Duncan, who has worked as a scientist herself.
Scientific breakthroughs have invariably started in what a bean-counter might dismiss as wool-gathering.

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