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Policy Briefing: The North
The Clyde River Airport. Residents of this community are concerned about seismic testing planned for nearby Baffin Bay. Photograph courtesy of Leslie Philipp's Flickr

Seismic testing controversy in North set for Supreme Court

Feature|Denis Calnan
'This is an important test case concerning aboriginal consultation on natural resource projects,' says Michael Byers a political science professor at the University of British Columbia.
I sincerely hope that the Liberal government will continue the work done by the previous Conservative government to emphasize the economic and social opportunities that come with resource development.
Feature|Denis Calnan
The funding comes from Irving Shipbuilding, which was required to spend 0.5 per cent of revenues from its shipbuilding contract with the government to help create a sustainable marine industry in Canada.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Canadian government commitments to ramp up protected marine areas to 10 per cent by 2020 might cause regions to be chosen based on ease and speed, rather than biological importance, say some critics.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Observers are divided on whether a Canadian claim on the possibly resource-rich pole would be successful, and even whether the bid is worthwhile in the first place.
Opinion|Peter Taptuna
The Arctic environment is particular vulnerable to changes in temperature, and those changes go right to the heart of the way of life for many northerners. Warmer temperatures produce thinner sea ice, for example, which makes hunting and fishing even more perilous for the Inuit who live off the land.

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