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Policy Briefing: Innovation: 10-03-2016

Vox Populi on Innovation

Feature|Rachel Aiello
What the industry critics and experts have to say about Canadian innovation
Opinion|Navdeep Bains
Our government is prepared to do its share to invest in the people, companies and technologies that will power our country to a prosperous future. But we need the private sector to join us.
Feature|Denis Calnan
For startups and companies that push innovation, the provincial differences in financial regulations can be a hindrance.
'We’re not saying innovation is simply about the latest gadget or technology. So that includes, for example, dealing with climate change, an aging population, housing, and poverty.'
Innovation isn’t an end in itself for the Government of Canada. And as significant as it is, economic growth shouldn’t be the only measure of success for its innovation policy. Innovation should be encouraged because it can help build a better Canada, and a better world.
The consultation is in its early stages. There are many details to be explored and developed. What is vital at this stage is that we don’t get confused about the objective of the exercise.
Opinion|David Crane
Some companies and sectors are highly innovative, while others are not. What’s important is to find out why. This means adopting a much more focused sector strategy.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Is it just part of Canadian culture, or could something be done differently to help homegrown companies achieve world-class scale?
Opinion|George Burton
If the Government of Canada is committed to converting its national innovation conversation to fostering innovation and economic growth country-wide, there is a simple role for it to play
Feature|Denis Calnan
Critics warn against letting 'the fox essentially guard the hen house,' in terms of letting defence companies have too much control over defence-procurement policies.
Our innate drive to comprehend and change our world for the better transforms us in ways we sometimes are not even aware—from our health, our economy and our planet, to how we understand our past and how we envision our future.
Opinion|Ted Hewitt
Human skills like creativity and entrepreneurship will sustain Canada’s economy in the long run.

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