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Policy Briefing: Environment
An artist rendering of the proposed liquefied natural gas development in northwestern B.C. developed by Pacific Northwest LNG. Illustration courtesy of Pacific Northwest LNG

Critics say LNG project would add to climate change, defenders say it would replace dirtier coal

Feature|Denis Calnan
Pacific Northwest LNG has received the go-ahead from the province but is still waiting to hear from the federal government.
Global Affairs Canada says Cabinet will approve treaty, but Parliament will get time in House to review, debate.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Shell was in the midst of a court battle against the World Wildlife Fund's Canadian branch, which claimed that the oil company’s right to the permits had expired. With the announcement from Shell on World Oceans Day on June 8, the case was dropped.
The gas tax fund, however, is the single source of infrastructure funding that is predictable and reliable for municipalities, regardless of who is in government or how large or small the deficit is at any given time.
Feature|Derek Abma
Studies are ongoing with hopes of getting at least three communities on renewable-energy pilot projects by 2020.
Opinion|Jeremy Kerr
Environmental threats transcend borders and the prime minister is signalling that responses should too. The U.S. committed to building a milkweed corridor for monarchs along interstate highways. Joined up thinking on issues like this is needed.
McKenna says climate change is 'absolutely' her top priority. 'Right now the federal government is working very hard with provinces and territories, as well as with cities, industry, civil society and Canadians, to prepare our made-in-Canada plan to fight climate change and foster clean growth.'
Economic spinoffs of an LNG industry in Canada, through royalties and various taxes, are massive. When you add that to the positive environmental effects it could have in combating climate change, it’s a win-win situation.
Opinion|Inger Weibust
While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repudiated much of former prime minister Stephen Harper’s approach, is he restoring the pre-Harper status quo or is he breaking new ground?

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