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Policy Briefing: TPP
Supporters of supply management demonstrate on the street in front of Parliament Hill on Sept. 29, 2015, just before the TPP talks concluded. The Hill Times photograph by Peter Mazereeuw

TPP 101: what you need to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Breaking down the basics of the polarizing 12-country trade deal.
We have plenty of time to think things through. Nothing will happen before the American presidential election in November.
Opinion|Gerry Ritz
Liberals have it all backwards, says Gerry Ritz.
'We got a bit more work to do,' says committee chair Mark Eyking.
Horse-trading and quick action may be needed to salvage deciding U.S. vote.
Canada’s parliamentary secretary for international trade, David Lametti, sounds off on the controversial trade deal.
Opinion|Tracey Ramsey
Perhaps it’s naïve to think the Liberals are truly undecided on a deal they signed on Feb. 4.
Pretty bad. Because of the investor-state dispute mechanism, and more.

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