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Policy Briefing: Defence

Liberals have plunged Canadian Forces into uncertainty

As the government embarks on a complete review of Canada’s defence policy, it is imperative that it accounts for the threats that we are facing.
Opinion|Sean Bruyea
We need a new model of transition that looks at the military experience of every current and prospective veteran and their families.
Opinion|Elizabeth May
The minister has said things are on track to replace the F-18s, but we have not heard a clear commitment to reject the F-35s.
Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says the government's massive defence policy review is his top priority.
Opinion|Alex Wilner
Military success alone doesn’t lead to political stability.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Drones have a negative connotation because of the image of strikes U.S. forces have carried out with them, but the positives of drones are numerous: they don’t have humans in them so they can fly for longer, and they weigh less, says defence analyst David Perry.

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