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Policy Briefing: Transportation
Transport Minister Marc Garneau details will come later on how $143-million allocated over three years for safety in the transfer of dangerous goods by rail will be spent. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

‘Rail safety is my top priority’: Garneau

Transportation Minister Marc Garneau talks about the new bill he’s tabled in the House, clean transportation technology, and much more with The Hill Times.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Geoff Leckey, a recently retired director general at the Canada Border Services Agency, said that people on the no-fly list will never know they are until they are trying to board a flight, and 'that’s always going to be the case.'
Feature|Denis Calnan
A report, called Canadian Crude Oil Transportation: Comparing the Safety of Pipelines and Railways, was published by consultant group Oliver Wyamn late last year and claims that both 'have excellent safety records and are taking steps to improve safety further.' And the Railway Association said that both are 'equally safe.'
Many laud the prominent role played by the railroads in building our nation. But, given the increased risks posed by the sector, the 150th anniversary of our nation may well be the time to step up regulation of rail similar to other industries.
In response to the growing use of drones, Transport Canada says changing the rules is a priority.
Opinion|Kathy Fox
Advancing transportation safety also means looking forward. That’s why we’re always seeking to identify risks in advance, and then pushing for pre-emptive safeguards and mitigating measures. Over the coming year, we’ll be focusing on a number of key issues.
Feature|Denis Calnan
UBC professor David Gillan said he was pleased to see a recommendation to privatize airports, which would give larger airports access to equity markets.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Denis Boivin, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa and a specialist in insurance law, said the product may help address the knowledge gap people have about what's required to provide a ride-sharing service.
Opinion|Barry Wellar
Transportation in Canada’s urban regions is in need of major improvements.
I hope that the minister will begin to act on the priorities of Transport stakeholders in the rail, marine, air, and road transportation sectors and the millions of individuals and businesses who rely on them. Canada can’t afford to be complacent and must always look for ways to improve rather than coast on previous work.
Industry groups called the public transit spending ‘unprecedented’ but opposition critics take issue with back loading and basing spending on ridership.

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