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Policy Briefing: Green Economy
'Opportunities for transformative change and growth in the Canadian economy aren’t abstract dots on the horizon. They are standing before us, waiting to be seized right now,' writes NDP MP Nathan Cullen. The Hill Times photograph by Steve Gerecke

Trudeau has profound opportunity to galvanize faltering economy

There is no issue more critical to this generation and generations to come than the struggle to lessen global warming and protect against catastrophic climate change.
Critics say there are Canadian innovators ‘lining up’ for federal support but need to see a more detailed, consistent spending plan from the government
Canada stands to be a major economic beneficiary from the improved trade in environmental goods. As one of the world’s leaders in sectors such as carbon capture storage, wind, solar and tidal energy, and battery and fly-wheel storage technology, to name just a few, we offer the world our cutting-edge environmental solutions.
'If we start pursuing more ambitious emission-reduction targets, then we start having a potential impact on economic growth,' says Nic Rivers from the University of Ottawa.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Things have changed on the oilpatch, as companies have moved from dealing with two levels of government that were unabashed promoters of Alberta oil to replacements on both levels that plan to price carbon beyond its current humble tax.
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says consensus on the need for carbon pricing is a positive step, despite not reaching an agreement with the provinces and territories at their March 3 meeting.
Feature|Denis Calnan
Guelph, Ont., has a Community Energy Initiative that aims to reduce energy use and cut greenhouse gas emissions through a combination of urban planning, use of technology, regulations, and public awareness, and Vancouver is seen as being 'on the right path' with its 'Greenest Cities' plan.

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