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Policy Briefing: Health
Health Canada now requires producers of nosode products to clearly state that they are not replacements for vaccines, as some have been advertised as such by some practitioners of homeopathy. Photograph by Grook Da Oger

Health Canada labelling of homeopathic products get cheers and jeers

The government states on its website that the changes are meant to help consumers make more informed decisions, something the Canadian Paediatric Society agrees with.
Health Minister Jane Philpott talks about a new Health Accord, the long-term funding agreement with the provinces and territories that she wants signed by 2017, and much more with The Hill Times.
Opinion|Jane Philpott
To go from the front lines of health care as a family physician to federal minister of health, is a humbling journey and an exceptional opportunity. I will be held accountable for an ambitious and crucial health agenda.
Those supporting an additional tax for calorie-packed drinks say it could encourage people to choose healthier drinks, while those opposed say there is no proof this would work.
Why more money for health care is not the answer.
Researchers say not having open access to studies that were done to allow the drugs to be sold in Canada means physicians don’t have all the information they need to have faith in a drug when prescribing it to their patients.
Something just has to give. Rather than allow the health-care sector to deteriorate further, let’s see some visionary leaders from both the public and private sectors (together) 'step up to the plate' to work on developing reforms that will allow us to deal with health issues of the future.
Opinion|Elizabeth May
Canada still has a far more cost-effective and compassionate health-care system than our neighbours south of the border. It is no longer enough to watch its decline. It is time to reverse it.
It’s time for leadership from all levels of government to extend that care and ensure Canadians receive the medicines they need to get well, and stay healthy.
Scaling-up proven health-care innovations is the best way to build innovative and affordable health-care systems.
Health, Public Safety, and Justice ministers have been meeting regularly, ahead of announcing the task force to advise the Liberal government on legalizing and regulating marijuana.
Right-to-die legislation should be tabled in four to six weeks, says Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.
Wait Time Alliance chairman Chris Simpson says what's not measured cannot be fixed, and there's a lack of information on how long people such as aboriginals and veterans, who rely on the federal government for health care, are waiting for treatments.

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