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Policy Briefing: Public and Private Unions
Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk, pictured at the Cabinet swearing-in ceremony on Nov. 4, 2015. She says that the Liberal government is 'taking a new direction when it comes to labour policy reform in Canada.' The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

We want a fair and balanced approach to federal labour policy

To ensure fair and balanced labour laws in Canada as quickly as possible, we intend to put forward legislation to repeal Bills C-377 and C-525 in the next session of Parliament.
Sean Strickland, of the Ontario Construction Secretariat, which funded the study, says it confirms there is a ‘union safety effect’ on workplaces.
While the government is being applauded by union leaders for promising to repeal the previous government’s Bill C-377, which would have required labour organizations to publicly post much of their expenses, some are cautioning against being overly optimistic.
The new government also has plans to make changes to the Canadian Labour Code, pledging to take ‘a new direction when it comes to labour policy reform in Canada.’
But some labour industry analysts say that the Fraser Institute is far from trying to look out for the welfare of workers.
Opinion|Sheri Benson
Canada’s history shows us that no one has done more to help the middle class and those trying to join it than organized labour.
Reports of frustration as staff struggle to maintain outdated systems with little resources, and frequently changing management, as the department tries to complete its massive IT consolidation.

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