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Policy Briefing: GM & Irradiated Foods

Monsanto’s failure to buy Swiss chemical, seed company could affect biotech industry in Canada

Syngenta could set its eye on buying some of its own competitors.
As Canada starts to accept genetically modified foods outside of grain, canola and soy crops, some groups are demanding mandatory labelling while the industry says that would stigmatize their products.
One of Health Canada’s most recently approved GM food products is the non-browning apple. Two varieties of the Arctic apple, the Arctic Golden Delicious and the Arctic Granny Smith, were approved in March.
Our position is clear: we stand for the integrity of the food system, the health and safety of Canadians, and for our farmers so they can continue to be competitive on the world stage.
One of my priorities as minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is to promote and support a sector that delivers healthy and innovative food grown in sustainable ways to Canadians and global consumers.
Months into reviewing the draft policy, Canada is no closer to finalizing a policy allowing food with low levels of genetically modified ingredients into the country.
The NDP believes that Canadian consumers need access to this information so they can make informed decisions—quite simply, it is their right.
Some see Canada’s eventual approval as inevitable, while others maintain the risks are too high.

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