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Policy Briefing: Energy
Canadians better start noticing that betting on fossil fuels is not only stoking the furnace on future climate disasters, in purely economic terms, it’s stupid.
They will be discussing the role of energy in our economy, how we can create jobs while improving our environmental performance, and what we need to do to adapt to global threats like climate change, growing international competition and energy insecurity.
Some say the bleak reality could be an opportunity for the government to take action on climate change policy.
Some industry watchers say it may be time to re-evaluate government reliance on revenues from the industry.
The provinces have been working together on a national energy strategy since 2013 and have plans to finalize their approach for the summer 2015 premiers’ meeting.
As Canada slips in green energy investment appeal ranking, opposition blames the government’s oil-and-gas-focused energy policy for leaving renewables in the wind.
Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford talks about the future of the Keystone XL project, the government’s close monitoring of oil prices, public support and consultation for pipelines, and clarifying the government’s position on carbon pricing.
The NCC always has been its own worst enemy when it acts as a developer with private partners.

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