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Policy Briefing: Health
Health Canada says deciding whether or not something is considered promotional requires a case-by-case assessment.
We know a great deal about the diseases that afflict the elderly, but surprisingly little about why age increases susceptibility. Additional research is very much warranted. We need to know why old people die so predictably even when they have enjoyed good health to the very end.
Payments to physicians have emerged as a critical issue in health care in recent years.
As a country, we have reached a crossroads. We can be content with the status quo, or we can build on the momentum that has been created and make strides that will benefit our society in ways we can’t yet even conceive. 
A radical and transformative systems change is needed, one that has federal collaboration with other levels of government and stakeholders and a new funding formula based on need; that shifts from hospital models to integrated comprehensive, community care, to support for family caregivers and to an evidence-based, outcome-measured system.
Health care is a consistent priority for Canadians: we need a federal government that is willing to protect universality while bringing our public health-care system into the 21st century.
Health-care system needs to address the multiple gaps in funding, including in mental health.
The government has not made prevention-based care research a priority, but the benefits of it should not be exaggerated, say experts.
Key portions of the bill have yet to be implemented and are awaiting Health Canada consultations on new regulations to begin.
As minister of Health, nothing is more important to me than the health and safety of Canadians and their families. Through Vanessa’s Law, Canadians will be better informed about medications they are prescribed, and our government will be empowered to recall unsafe products from the market.

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