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Policy Briefing: Labour

In Thunder Bay-Superior North, constituents concerned Ring of Fire jobs to be filled by TFWs

Despite many workers in the region needing employment, including First Nations, the Harper Conservatives have neglected the development of human resources, seemingly preferring to outsource as many jobs as possible. More must be done to develop a skilled Canadian workforce. Again, Scandinavia leads us with life-long free education and effective apprentice programs.
No federal government in recent history has tried more to intentionally throw labour relations out of balance than this Conservative one.
Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner says he believes Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going after labour unions to motivate the NDP in order to take any momentum away from any Liberal surge.
AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde said Canada cannot wait to address the issues that will generate higher employment rates and overall socioeconomic standings for First Nations people.
Labour Minister on changes to the Canada Labour Code, how changes to the TFW program impact Canadian workers, and revisits labour legislation that’s making waves.

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