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Policy Briefing: Innovation
Stakeholders are wondering if it will make a strong move toward intertwining business and academia or if the final document will just be new language around old policies.
Canadian exports of aircraft, aircraft engines and aircraft parts reached a near-record high of $10.8-billion in 2013, a 5.4 per cent increase from the year before.
Connecting people across international borders is an important component of a strategy to bring this about.
If and when we encourage value-added production in all sectors, including resource development.
Given that diversity and creativity have been recognized as key attributes to fostering innovation, Canada is well-positioned to embrace and benefit from those differences.
So given that the growth-productivity-jobs triad is linked so directly to innovation, why heading into an election are the other parties not attacking hard on this exposed flank?
Moving past the federal election and forward to celebrate our birthday in 2017, are we not due for some truly innovative science and innovation bold ideas from our entrepreneurs, creative youth, elected officials and knowledge communities?

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