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Policy Briefing: Information Technology

Forever lost in the trees?

Consumers have adapted to the pace of technological change, but governments at home and abroad are struggling to reconcile rapidly evolving economic realities with an antiquated oversight toolkit.
With Canadian wireless prices still among the highest in the G7, Canadian consumers hope they can trust the government and CRTC to take action.
This government has turned away from the innovative agenda that has defined Canada since Confederation and in doing so they have abdicated their responsibilities.
We absolutely need to give law enforcement the tools it needs to stop cyberbullying and update our privacy legislation—but we need to do so in a balanced way.
In a competitive global economy, keeping Canada and Canadians at the forefront of high-speed internet use is critically important.
The Email Transformation Initiative is intended to convert the 63 current government email systems into just one. But Shared Services Canada is ‘very disappointed by these unacceptable delays.’
Opposition parties voice frustration over Conservative’s use of time allocation to curb further debate on Bill C-13

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