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Policy Briefing: Biotechnology

Farmers’ seeds at centre of a debate over Agricultural Growth Act

Proponents say this will align Canada with its international trade partners and allow for more private innovation in food biotechnology, while opponents say it will restrict farmers’ rights to save their seeds and place ownership in the hands of the corporations that they are bought from.
Dr. Alex MacKenzie said the Orphan Drug Act will provide a harmonized regulatory system, rather than a ‘patchwork quilt’ of policies in place now on the provincial levels.
NDP MP Murray Rankin’s motion M-480 wants genetically modified food to be labeled because Canadians have the ‘right to know,’ but industry says information is already readily available.
Everything you need to know about pharmaceutical intellectual property protection ahead of CETA and a look ahead at what’s to be expected with the TPP.
We will continue to engage in issues and opportunities in Canadian biotechnology that support creating jobs and growth while improving the quality of life of Canadians.
Politicians rarely think on those time scales, too often developing four-year policies that align with election dates. To survive changes in the government of the day, a comprehensive industrial strategy needs broad support across party lines and regional divides.
After squandering billions on nuclear, the federal government, first under the Liberals and now under the Conservatives, have decided to shovel tens of millions into biotechnology.
Canada has the foundation for a vibrant health sciences industry, but there remains a challenge in translating this world-class research into its full commercial potential, generating new medicines for patients, and realizing the full extent of resulting economic and societal benefits.
From new technologies that will enable doctors to prescribe the right medicine to the right person at the right time, to markedly enhanced cancer diagnostics, treatment and research, the transformation in health care is already in motion.

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