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Policy Briefing: Energy

Canadian oil quality in question, Canadian LNG can’t compete in Europe: experts

With the European Union’s fuel directive still generating some concern in the oil industry, say experts, the opportunity to export crude from Alberta’s oil sands is ambiguous. But things become trickier when it comes to natural gas, added experts, because a market for Canadian natural gas may not even exist as it does elsewhere.
With aboriginal and environmental concerns, carrying out pipeline projects hasn’t been easy. Not only has the Harper government failed to address those concerns, say critics, but, by failing in this regard, they have also made it much harder for project proponents to get their operations underway.
When it comes to crude oil and Canada-U.S. energy-trade relations, says one economist, U.S. consumers are more important to Canadian producers than Canadian producers are to U.S. consumers, which is but one reason why relations between the U.S. and Canada have become a tad sour.
It’s time to rethink our national energy strategy because the Conservative approach to resource development is failing Canadians.
Health, prosperity, and environmental correctness need to be our goals for new energy sources.
Canada is the only country in the OECD without an energy policy and one of the only countries in the world not participating as a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency.
Stakeholders say recently-appointed Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford is well-positioned to make his mark on an important file.

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