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Policy Briefing: Public Infrastructure
The federal government’s announcement of $53-billion over 10 years was a step in the right direction in strengthening our hometowns and building the Canada of tomorrow. Unfortunately, a lack of clarity on municipal access to the money risks delaying this train from leaving the station.
According to Environment Canada, 150 million gallons of untreated and undertreated water are annually dumped into Canada’s waterways.
According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, $1.7-billion dollars is invested annually in the existing social-housing stock, financially supporting close to 600,000 individuals and families.
The federal government first announced its New Building Canada Plan in the 2013 budget, where it promised to dedicate roughly $47-billion in funding for infrastructure projects at the federal, municipal, provincial and territorial levels through various programs.
Insurance Bureau of Canada says insurance claims rising with extreme weather events.
New Building Canada Plan reinvests in P3 Canada, introduces P3 screening for projects over $100-million.
What’s needed today is a more coherent approach by the federal government in understanding the impact of its policies on cities and, equally important, deliberately designing policies that will strengthen the economic role of cities while also improving quality of life.
The $14-billion New Building Canada Fund consists of the national infrastructure component, which supports projects of national significance, and the provincial-territorial infrastructure component, which supports projects of national, regional and local significance.

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