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Policy Briefing: Defence

We need to provide for veterans to secure the nation

The Afghanistan mission was a national security priority for Canada and, despite running a federal deficit, the funding was found to accomplish the mission. Why is not the same rationale applied to veterans’ needs?
Careful examination of the government’s record finds political inaction, procurement ineptitude, and a withdrawal from Canada’s international contributions.
The minister’s promised review following L’actualite’s ‘Special Report’ on sexual violence plaguing our soldiers is a start—but only a start. Why did the minister not know the extent of the problem in his own department until investigative journalists raised the alarm?
Without robust terms of reference, a serious work plan and the right people in charge, the current language suggests it could be little more than a paper review.

Canada’s willingness to send resources to Eastern Europe through NATO and procure a new fleet of fighter jets may cast a light on this government’s not-so-clearly-articulated defence priorities, a military expert says.
The Canadian Armed Forces possess unique capabilities, and our government has made a strategic investment during the past decade to develop a force that is strong, proud, and ready to serve.
Lawyer for veterans says they’ll drop the suit if feds fix compensation and access to benefits.

House National Defence and Senate National Security and Defence committees are hearing a lot about the need to join the U.S.’s missile defence program.

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