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Policy Briefing: Transportation

When it comes to national challenges, local matters

The federal government recently announced a $14-billion infrastructure program, the New Building Canada Fund, which, if targeted wisely, has the capacity to substantively help move the yardstick forward on our transportation challenges.
More coordinated policies needed to realize benefits of bilateral agreements, say experts.
But opposition accuses Conservatives of short-changing previous infrastructure plan to balance budget in time for the next election.
TSB chair Tadros says a gradual phase-out of deficient DOT-111 tanker cars ‘not good enough,’ as agency awaits response from feds.
We need to overhaul the system for rail travel in Canada. We need to stop sabotaging VIA by the historical mistake of giving freight the ownership of tracks built through public investment.
The federal government is doing this while ensuring we maintain the strong rail-based supply chain system that shippers need to compete in domestic, continental and offshore markets.

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