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Policy Briefing: Defence

The political dark side of PTSD

Given the dark side of the politics of PTSD where time will inevitably dilute the awareness of the suffering by our wounded warriors, offices advocating solutions must be urged to keep up the pressure. Significant people are needed to make significant overtures to address effectively the dark political side of PTSD.
When it comes to mental health and suicides in the military, the Canadian Armed Forces can do much to come clean and diminish the self-serving rhetoric.
The issue of defence policy is being raised just as we are perusing the main estimates. It strikes me as odd that the Department of National Defence gets such short shrift in the 2014 budget.
Analysts split on whether new defence procurement strategy will get big-ticket purchases right.

Maj.-Gen. David Millar tells House National Defence Committee that increased reports of PTSD show the military is ‘de-mystifying the stigma’ of mental illness.

Cuts to capital expenditures and ‘renewing’ Canada First Defence Strategy top priorities for Defence Minister Rob Nicholson.

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