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Policy Briefing: Green Economics

Northern Gateway opponents gearing up for legal battle with feds

Pipeline opponents say Cabinet plans on approving Enbridge’s megaproject, no matter what Joint Review Panel recommends.
Sustainable technology innovations are driving efficiencies in traditional sectors of the economy, resulting in productivity gains and improved profitability.
Agriculture Canada is hoping research will lead to the next green revolution, but encouraging the industry to adopt innovation remains a policy challenge.
To achieve the large-scale transformation necessary to stabilize the climate, nations must meet their climate finance commitments and make new targets much bolder. They must also send the right policy signals for investment.
The problem is not that governments are not doing enough to fight global warming. It’s that governments, particularly the Harper administration, are actually in the way.
PM Stephen Harper’s policy to go ‘all-in’ on carbon and to ignore environmental damage has created the worst of all possible scenarios: increased GHGs and discounted crude.
Canada’s prosperity relies on biological diversity and on the goods and services provided by a diverse natural environment.
Experts split on whether green jobs and the green economy need to be defined or done away with.

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