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Policy Briefing: Biotechnology

Government ‘rubber stamping’ GMOs for public consumption, says NDP MP

NDP MP Alex Atamanenko says consumers need more information on what’s in the food they eat.
BIOTECanada sides with research-based pharma on CETA negotiations, but experts warn that tougher protections could hurt Canadian researchers.
Once one of the most respected scientific institutions in the world, responsible for inventions like canola oil and the meningitis vaccine, the NRC’s peer-reviewed publications plummeted from 1,991 in 2006 to just 436 in 2012, while the production of new patents dropped from 53 in 2006 to a mere three in 2012.
But recent indications that the government is taking a step back from subsidizing biofuels allows for much-needed innovation—and a change in approach according to an industry insider.
No longer a backbencher, Greg Rickford has been given a hand in two critical policy files for the federal government.

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