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Policy Briefing: Energy: Oilsands

Oilsands: the difficult poster child for Canada’s environmental record

Maybe the oilsands industry should do Joe Oliver and the propaganda effort a favour and try to avoid pipeline leaks, underground blowouts and environmental violations. It is awfully hard when your poster child won’t behave.
Our oilsands are a natural resource blessing, but we have an obligation to value our environmental and economic assets like true owners.
Over the next 10 years, hundreds of major natural resources projects are underway or planned requiring $650-billion in capital investment.

The EU’s proposed Fuel Quality Directive has raised concerns in Canada at a sensitive time during much larger trade negotiations between the two parties.
The federal government will spend $16.5-million this year on advertising for Canada’s natural resource sector both internationally and at home, leaving opposition MPs and labour groups wondering how, and why, the millions will be spent.
But the latest announcement from both Alberta and B.C. leaders shows signs of progress for pipeline proposals.
Tougher regulations needed to improve environmental performance, says Pembina Institute.

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