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Policy Briefing: Energy

Alberta stuck on coal as energy source continues to loom large in province’s energy, export sectors

Coal mining and coal-fired electricity continue to play major roles in Alberta’s economy, despite the environmental and health risks associated with the energy source
ITK, Inuit Circumpolar Council say cautionary, case-by-case approach needed to development projects.
Alberta’s energy minister calls old energy regulations ‘ineffective’ and ‘inefficient,’ legal critic charges new rules are even more complex than before and disenfranchise provincial landowners.
A tougher stance on climate change in the United States shouldn’t concern Canadian electricity and oil producers selling south of the border.
Ensuring that Canada’s energy policies promote the development of clean, sustainable energy is one of the defining challenges of our times. It is an urgent priority for the economy and the environment.
These additional resources, along with the recent regulatory changes have allowed us to clarify our expectations of NEB-regulated companies and fortify our compliance and enforcement tool box.

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