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Policy Briefing: Aboriginal Opportunities
While there are no quick fixes we remain steadfast in our commitment to work with aboriginal Canadians to ensure that they are full participants in building a better future for themselves, and a stronger future for Canada. We will only be successful if we tackle these issues together.
We will exercise and assert our rights and institute our own laws and approaches to governance and jurisdiction.
The convergence of the economy’s skills shortage and the explosion in number of aboriginal young people represent an economic opportunity unparalleled in modern Canadian history, says Roberta Jamieson, the CEO and director of Indspire.
Activist groups are ‘training people for non-violent direct action such as blockading heavy equipment’ in order to derail construction of the XL Pipeline, says Council of Canadians.
Critics say the Tories are continuing to impose policies top-down on First Nations.
But access to equity and the Indian Act remain barriers to economic development.

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