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Policy Briefing: Canada’s Aging Society

Defined pensions largely a thing of the past

The world of retirement income security is rapidly changing—and leaving most Canadians without a security net. Longevity pensions provide a solution.
But health policy experts say the feds are missing in action on health file at a pivotal time.
The CPP is sustainable and reliable, but it is time to review whether RRSP is working as a vehicle.
This is not acceptable in a country as wealthy as Canada. Nor is it acceptable that red tape or regulatory burden stands as an impediment to investing for retirement.
Seniors have a right to demand that their government ensures their well-being.
We are working hard to improve the lives of seniors on many fronts, ranging from income security through our public pensions, to initiatives that engage and inform seniors in communities across Canada.
Through planning and foresight, Canada has made substantial in-roads in preparing for an aging population and we are committed to continuing to help seniors enjoy the best possible quality of life.
But housing prices are still too high compared to Canadians’ incomes.
With $23.8-million of NCE funding over the next five years, we are poised to make a difference in the care of seriously ill elderly Canadians and their families.
Critics say temporary foreign workers are no solution to labour shortages of the future.
Statistics Canada population projections predict that Canada’s working-age population will decrease by 13 per cent between 2009 and 2036, and it’s not expected to return to 2009 levels until 2061.
Critics charge that policies cut social programs to the benefit of the private sector.

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