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Policy Briefing: Agriculture

Prime farmland disappearing under development across Canada

Foreign investment, urbanization, driving up land prices, cost of running farms.
All around the world, governments are mobilizing resources to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions while adapting to the climate crisis. Everywhere around the world that is—except Canada.
We need to take a serious look at the affordability barriers facing young and new farmers. While no one can question the population shift from rural to urban in the last several generations, Canada’s agricultural areas undoubtedly still matter.
Since Jan. 1, Gerry Ritz has met with registered lobbyists 31 times to talk about international trade, environment, transportation, intellectual property, taxation and finance, research and development, science and technology, and aboriginal affairs.
Ottawa-based trade consultant Peter Clark says there’s still a long way to go for CETA, Canada should continue to focus on Asian market access in the meantime.

Gerry Ritz says latest five-year plan for Canadian agriculture will spur innovation and enhance competitiveness, but critics say it’s a major setback for independent farmers

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