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Policy Briefing: Transportation

Time for Transport Canada to take concrete action on transportation safety

It’s also time for industry and operators to step up and find solutions on their own. That means being proactive and adopting stricter safety measures—and no longer waiting for government to eventually legislate what best practices should be implemented.
With a program that will leverage more than $100-billion in federal, provincial, municipal and private investments in everything from roads and bridges to public transit over the next 10 years, continuing the errors of the past must not be an option.
Let’s be clear about the reality of this New Building Canada Plan: there is nothing ‘new’ about it, and there is no increase in support for our cities.
Being a G8 country, you would think Canada recognized that long ago. Instead, we see chronic under-investment, widespread neglect and dangerous de-regulation.
The Harper government has been making unprecedented investments in public infrastructure—including road building, highway construction and transit projects.
Meanwhile, CP, hazardous material shippers, in midst of dispute at Canadian Transportation Agency.
The idea is ‘ludicrous’: NDP MP Brian Masse
Air, rail and trucking profit margins are recovering from years of economic headwinds, but commercial transport is looking for Ottawa to do more to help them grow.
Canada uniquely suited to take advantage of opportunity to attract more Asia-U.S. shipping.
FCM, CUTA say predictable funding will improve transportation in towns and cities.

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