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Policy Briefing: Aviation Policy Briefing
The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the aviation sector in new ways. The entire industry is being stretched to a breaking point, and without interventions, it cannot survive the crisis. Photograph courtesy of Needpix.com

COVID-19 and aviation: survival, recovery, and innovation

What is certain is that COVID-19 will change the world—what is unknown is how we can learn from this to create a stronger and more resilient future together.
Opinion|Mark Salter
The novel coronavirus is changing our appreciation of risk; it has flipped the question of the global aviation sector from surge capacity to viability; and it demonstrates the levels of cultural shift and honest public discussion needed in Canada.
Airlines, airports, and the aerospace sectors are all facing unique challenges. Some have been given direct government support, while others are asking for targeted relief.
Let us take this crisis as a source of inspiration to continue to work together to make a positive impact in society and the environment. We can do all of this while still supporting air travel, which is the safest mean of transportation and the most reliable for long distances.

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