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Policy Briefing: Resources

B.C. First Nations chief ‘mystified’ by feds’ approach to resource development

If industry and government want to tap into $600-billion in resource projects they’ll need to build real partnerships with Canada’s First Nations, says Chief Doug White.
The natural resources sector can provide prosperity and security for Canadians for many generations. Now is the time to act, so government is ready to shape the future together.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper should start protecting wild salmon instead of hurrying them along a path to extinction.
A sustainable strategy that positions Canada as a leader in both renewable and non-renewable energy sources must work hand in hand with the provinces and territories, a challenge that this Prime Minister has yet to take up.
But rarely has the opposition leader’s ritual trip to Washington been accompanied by such street theatre back home in Ottawa.
Resource-heavy provinces like Alberta need to ‘rethink’ their budgets so their poverty and prosperity aren’t at the mercy of how much their commodities are fetching at market, say economic experts.
The government’s mostly hands-off approach to natural resource development has led to big disparities between resource-having provinces and those that aren’t so lucky, says the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
Experts are split on how much Canada’s resource boom has hurt manufacturers, but agree that the sector’s importance can’t be underestimated.
Despite the federal government’s frantic push for Keystone approval, there are plenty of projects in the works to export more Canadian oil. The question is how quickly they can reach tidewater.

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