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Policy Briefing: Energy
Making public transportation free is one policy government could implement to reduce emissions and improve cost of living, writes Jessica Green. Flickr photograph by David McCormack

Policymakers should worry less about energy self-sufficiency and more about decarbonization

Opinion|Jessica Green
Instead of plowing money into risky and potentially outmoded investments, policymakers should focus their energy on building popular support for decarbonization by providing immediate political benefits to voters.
Meeting net-zero targets—for both the industry and the federal government—will require immediate and significant investments into research and development. And once again: skepticism is warranted.
Our country’s regulatory system and policy environment is not broken and unworkable. But it can certainly be improved.
We must prepare for the transition quickly, expanding access to training so affected workers can easily find employment in renewable energy projects, renewing the electrical grid, building retrofits and more.
Adaptation and mitigation are already becoming business as usual for local governments and professional practitioners, but widespread collaboration on integrated adaptation and mitigation isn't underway.
Fossil-fuel producing countries have to stop trading off climate risks for resource revenues. Growing public pressure and more profitable renewables are pushing fossil fuel producers to act.
Opinion|M Anne Naeth
When we recognize that energy systems completely influence every aspect of our lives, it becomes more difficult to argue that we can simply change nothing at all, or everything at once.
Geothermal energy is a powerful antidote to our preoccupation with fossil fuels. The transformation can be painless, but requires alignment of enlightened corporate interests with provincial and national objectives.
The announcement ‘doesn’t reflect what’s in his mandate letter,’ says NDP natural resources critic Richard Cannings, nor did nuclear energy come up in a briefing he had with the minister.

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