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Policy Briefing: Transportation Policy Briefing
We must remember that Canada has no major export that is not replicated somewhere else by another country with access to seaports, airports, and decent rail, writes Conservative MP Todd Doherty. Photograph courtesy of Pxfuel.com

Better quality of life flows from trade competitiveness, combination of trade policy and transport infrastructure

The Canadian Transportation Act Review of 2016 contains many important recommendations for upgrading our transport system and can be the basis on reaching agreement for legislation change and significant investments going forward. We need to push the most impactful upgrades forward on a priority basis.
If climate change mitigation is to begin in cities, we should be discussing how municipalities can access additional and predictable revenue sources to support required investments and in turn, support our national economy.
Maximizing cycling rates and achieving the benefits that will accrue for all levels of government requires federal leadership. Many other countries, including Australia, Finland, Germany, France and Austria have adopted national cycling strategies.
Opinion|Philip Cross
Not being able to quickly and efficiently move goods across the nation and to export markets further damages Canada’s attractiveness to international investors.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau is facing criticism over how he's handled the recent blockades, but behind the scenes in political Ottawa, he's considered 'a great brief' and 'exceptionally well-informed about his files.'
Opinion|Ashley Morton
Somehow our government started spending a lot of money to get urban commuter cars on and off highways, too, while ignoring national, regional and rural public transportation. Greens want to reverse that.

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