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Policy Briefing: Health

Canada can end chronic homelessness, it’s a health issue

National study the largest randomized trial of its kind in the world, puts ‘Housing First.’
But some experts say standardization won’t address the main problem.
But competition between approaches to achieve better public health is ‘diluting’ the common cause, says Harvey Anderson.
The Health Committee will continue moving forward with the goal to provide the best information possible to the health-care community, provinces and territories to ensure the empowerment of patients and healing of the sick.
Canadian Institute for Health Information says there’s no evidence of statistical tampering in Canada’s hospitals.
Palliative care advocates say federal and provincial governments have a role in raising awareness of advance care planning.
Despite a record high number of doctors, access to care hasn’t improved for many Canadians and some newly trained specialists face unemployment.
Choose small, attainable goals, regular habits that you’ll enjoy completing. It might mean a 20-minute daily walk or an increase in delicious whole foods over processed foods. It might mean joining a team sport or making the time for more home cooked meals.
They have rocked, shocked and shaped the world like no generation before them. Don’t rule out Canada’s baby boomers righting public health care as one of their final acts of defiance against conventional thinking.
Canadians consume extremely high levels of sodium, well above other countries. And this is costing us, both in our health and in our pocket book. Over-consumption of sodium is a major issue in Canada, and is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease in Canada.
Opioids are also narcotics, and they are addictive and can be abused, and, unfortunately, diverted to illicit markets and uses.

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