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Policy Briefing: Environment Policy Briefing

Transport Canada’s removal of ‘environment’ references on website section symptom of larger problem, say environmental experts

Treating waterways as just being waterways without addressing environmental concerns shows government’s lack of attention to long-term consequences.
Canada singled out for lack of climate legislation.
Prime Minister, minister of Public Safety, minister of Agriculture should stand up and say Canada is going to be addressing climate change, but they’re not, say critics.
On current policy trajectories, we fail miserably in our stated objectives. Only with the kind of urgent and comprehensive economic transitions undergone by nations at war can we avoid over-shooting two degrees. And even then, we are not guaranteed success. 

The government should table a comprehensive climate change plan, commit to attaining the greenhouse gas emission reduction goals that it has supported internationally, and contribute its fair share to fill the megatonne gap.
That the government has no qualms about using $4-million to publicize their gutting of the Navigable Waters Protection Act is a stark illustration of the gulf between where they are on the environment and where they should be.
Regulatory actions are the cornerstone to Canada’s sector-by-sector approach to climate change and clean air.
Experts say adaptation plans and renewable energy deployment needed to avert climate crisis.
Environment Minister Peter Kent says he ‘hopes’ his department will publish draft regulations for the oil and gas sector within the year.

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