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Policy Briefing: Innovation
The Uber ride-sharing platform is an example of the way disruptive AI-enabled technology can dramatically transform existing industries, like the taxi industry, writes Horatio Morgan. Photograph courtesy of Pixabay

How businesses can narrow the innovation gap in an AI-driven digital economy

Canadian businesses don’t have to invent something totally new to get ahead. But they have to excel at recombining existing ideas, resources, and capabilities in novel ways that create value.
Opinion|Sean Mullin
Smart policy can unlock our country’s potential and ensure that we are poised to capture the highs, while mitigating the lows, of the innovation economy.
Today, as we transition to a new, cleaner, more inclusive, sustainable, prosperous, and innovative economy, we are presented with another time to invest and build.
To be fully successful, however, inclusive innovation must systematically consider who will be impacted by innovation.
We have begun to admit that innovation is ailing, but that does not mean that we should accept diminished hopes for the future.
The demands of the new economy necessitate a new knowledge base and skill set for innovators and entrepreneurs, not just for the expert advisers, like lawyers and accountants, who support them.
Opinion|Paul Dufour
There’s no longer a standalone science minister in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, but that doesn’t mean the spotlight on science has to dim.
The federal government should be prioritizing data and privacy issues, given the increased global focus on the subject, says MaRS Discovery District's Cory Mulvihill.

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