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Policy Briefing: Lobbying & Ethics Policy Briefing
Lobby Commissioner Nancy Bélanger. Ms. Belanger's departmental plans for the past two years have said the office anticipates a parliamentary review of the Lobby Act. The Lobby Act is set for a statutorily mandated review in this parliamentary session, and has been for over two years, but a case currently before the Federal Court of Appeals could delay the review process even longer. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Lobbying Act review overdue, but court case could delay it further

The Lobby Act is two years past a mandated review by Parliament.
A new website is expected within the next few months, according to the OCL.
In the 43rd Parliament under a minority government, we have an opportunity for collaboration across party lines to strengthen national institutions and to return the ethical pendulum to equilibrium, a position of adherence and restraint.
'I believe that transparency is a pillar of a healthy democracy. The federal lobbying regime, with its public Registry of Lobbyists, is a key tool for transparency,' says Lobbying Commissioner Nancy Bélanger.
As scholars and informed citizens preoccupied by the fate of our democratic institutions, we have the duty to initiate a collective reflection on developing forms of political control and public scrutiny that have the potential to induce more accountability in the relations between the PMO and its corporate courtiers.
Opinion|Mario Dion
They are responsible first and foremost for ensuring that their decisions are guided by the public interest and never by their own private interests or those of their families, relatives, or friends.

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