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Policy Briefing: Natural Resources
Through their pollinating services, bees add an estimated $4.6-billion to Canada’s economy, and without them, we lose the resilience of our plants, writes Diane-Laure Arjaliès. Photograph courtesy of Pixabay

We shouldn’t just be insuring buildings, we need to insure our wetlands

Nature and profits go hand in hand. Green infrastructure needs to support physical infrastructure. Regulations need to protect them both.
The alternative to a managed and just transition is not the status quo, but rather an unpredictable and unjust transition reminiscent of so many previous resource busts.
If cleaner energy is the way to go, wouldn’t an easy early step be to move towards a larger amount of domestic crude instead of relying on foreign imports?
Energy experts say SMRs could be an environmentally friendly baseload option compared to intermittent sources like wind and solar.
The bonds of our federation face the greatest strains in a generation or more. Navigating these challenges at the intersection of energy, the environment, and our economy will define this government.
This is one area where the national security and broader national interests of Canada, and indeed all of North America, create a moral imperative to act.
Soil conservation is a pressing matter for the agriculture and agri-food sectors, and in turn for all Canadians, as we depend on farmers for our food.
No Canadian government has yet found an effective path to pursue meaningful action on climate change while capitalizing on the country’s vast energy resources.
Canada has a moral obligation to provide the rest of the world with responsibly developed energy to improve lives and preserve the environment.

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