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Policy Briefing: Energy Policy Briefing
It is important to consider all the costs associated with the electrification pathway. CERI’s analysis has only costed the need for an expansion of the electricity grid. What about the added costs of these unanswered questions, writes Allan Fogwill. Photograph courtesy of Pexels

The electrification pathway has some unanswered questions

Opinion|Allan Fogwill
Moving to electricity will see a significant devaluation of the retail infrastructure for gasoline and natural gas. Will those companies be compensated for their stranded costs? How much are those stranded costs?
Increasing the carbon tax to $210 per tonne by 2030 would allow Canada to meet greenhouse gas emission targets, the report said.
When some candidates during the campaign declared that they will kill the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion project, did they consider the impact that would have on the 43 First Nation communities along the proposed route that have signed benefit agreements? These communities cannot afford to squander these opportunities.
Nuclear energy is a complex discussion. But it’s an important consideration as Canada pursues a clean energy growth economy.
The LNG issue is the most high-profile example of a carbon counting problem that Canada is going to face time and again over the next decade.
Opinion|Ben Parfitt
There is reason to believe that such a conversion—a publicly-subsidized conversion—will not, in fact, reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, either in Canada or elsewhere.
Industry leaders, policy-makers, and academics need to embark on a fundamental re-think of the entire architecture of our energy system to respond to changing circumstances.
We will soon meet again at COP25 with other nations to pursue these common objectives. The EU is indeed fully committed to working with Canada and all other partners to make this imperative transformational change happen.

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