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Policy Briefing: Natural Resources

Final NRTEE report warns of federal inaction in emerging global low-carbon economy

Energy experts urge feds to take a page from the provinces, incentivize private sector investment in clean energy.
Regional rifts over mega projects likely to continue without clear energy policy.
Macdonald Laurier Institute group raises national security concerns with CNOOC’s takeover of oil sands developer, but Canada 2020 panelists say the real risk is missing out on foreign investment.

The Prime Minister’s goal of six million barrels of oil a day from the oil sands is driving our foreign policy, our trade policy, has undermined our global climate commitments, is eviscerating our scientific capacity and is skewing our economy to one product at the expense of others.
The strongest economy is one that is well-diversified, both in its sources of economic growth and in its markets. Ignoring the need for a vibrant advanced manufacturing industry and high-value knowledge-based services, as well as a resource sector that upgrades it output in Canada, is a recipe for disaster.

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