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Policy Briefing: Aerospace Policy Briefing
Earlier this year, the Government of Canada made a bold and strategic decision to join the NASA-led Lunar Gateway program, pictured, by contributing Canadarm3 to this Moon-orbiting outpost, extending the Canadarm program for another generation. The government also committed to support Telesat’s innovative Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation that will strongly benefit Canada’s northern and remote communities. Photograph courtesy of Commons Wikimedia

Bold vision and strategic choice: Canada’s space journey

Opinion|Mike Greenley
Canada’s rich history and success as a spacefaring nation has always been based on bold vision and strategic choices. To keep reaping the rewards of space innovations and position our country for success in the fast approaching commercial space economy, Canada must remain committed to this exciting journey over the long haul.
Early investment in space technology solidified our international reputation decades ago; now a clear vision for the future will grow Canada’s role in tackling climate change, sustainable technological growth, and the new space economy.
While some space-faring nations may have succumbed to the growing narrative of outer space as a war-fighting domain, Canada must stand to promote cooperation, responsible stakeholding and multilateralism in crucial issues relating to space.
Shaming flying doesn't significantly reduce emissions, but applying Canadian innovation to aviation sustainability can have global impact.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has also called for a national aerospace strategy.
Opinion|Paul Meyer
If the newly elected Canadian government is looking for a foreign policy initiative extremely relevant to the national (and global) interest, it might consider demonstrating some leadership in shoring up the sagging regime for sustaining space security.

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