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Policy Briefing: Defence
HMCS Regina and NRU ASTERIX pictured during an exercise at sea with the Japanese maritime self-defence force during Operation Projection in the South China Sea on June 14. Canada has some capacity (albeit a limited one) to engage in freedom of navigation missions and participate in more multinational military exercises. Our partners in Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and more would welcome such contributions, even if they are modest, writes Brett Byers. Department of National Defence photograph by Corporal Stuart Evans, BORDEN Imaging Services

What Canada can do about Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region

Opinion|Brett Byers
Canada and its allies should step up, work together, and protect the international norms and institutions that safeguard the maritime security of the Indo-Pacific.
Opinion|Tom Keenan
When it comes to cyber attacks, even when those charged with defending our computer systems have a pretty good idea of whodunnit, aggressively 'hacking back' is fraught with danger.
Opinion|Ross Fetterly
Increasing maintenance and repair expenditures on defence infrastructure across the country would bring immediate effects to the Canadian economy in several important ways.
There is an urgent need for international 'rules of the road,' however informal, to ensure that offensive cyber operations do not lead to an accidental disaster.
Despite Liberal policy aiming for 25 per cent female recruits by 2026, the number of women in Regular Forces and Primary Reserves is still below 16 per cent, according to latest data.
Opinion|Erika Simpson
Canadian taxes are better spent on countering biochemical threats than on expensive equipment for undertaking high-intensity conventional operations like the overpriced F-35.

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