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Policy Briefing: Health
Only Canada and the U.S. measure drug shortages, but not in the same manner. The EU and U.K. are slowly coming around. More collaboration is needed, writes Jacalyn M. Duffin. Photograph courtesy of Pixabay

One simple step toward finding a solution for drug shortages

Without measuring the nature, duration, and causes of Canada's drug shortages, solutions will be hard to come by. We must first define the problem, writes Jacalyn M. Duffin.
Making space for honest, open conversations around aging can provide clarity to people who are unsure if they’re experiencing normal age-related memory changes or early signs of dementia.
From an accounting, budgeting, and reporting perspective, government investments in intangible assets, like early treatment programs, bear little distinction from spending on paper clips. And that's a problem.
'[Former Prime Minister Lester B.] Pearson's minority is still remembered for some of the big things Canada did. I think this is the next frontier that Mr. Trudeau can achieve,' says Ujjal Dosanjh.
Opinion|Will Falk
National standards, digital modernization, and national licensure would give us a way to improve Canada’s leadership role in global health-care and build an improved and more national health-care system domestically.
The Trudeau government’s actions in health policy have demonstrated a return to a more interventionist stance by the federal government, one that involves a more deliberate steering of provincial health and social services delivery through spending and performance assessment.
With a focus on outcomes rather than outputs, spending on health care can be linked to outcomes that matter to patients, rather than to the volumes of services, processes, or products that may or may not achieve those outcomes.
Opinion|Shawn Whatley
To get our health-care boat moving forward, only one solution will work: one rower must agree to stop trying to steer the boat.

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