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Policy Briefing: Life Sciences

National Research Council will be ‘transformed’ to respond to private sector demand, says Science Minister Goodyear

The feds are moving ahead with the Jenkins panel recommendations on R&D spending, but Gary Goodyear says it’s too early for the establishment of an Industrial Research and Innovation Council.
But the biotech industry is urging the government to make a sustained effort to help researchers access venture capital and close Canada’s commercialization gap.
We want to ensure that the sector continues to create sustainable jobs, drive economic growth and contribute to Canada’s long-term prosperity.
In what must have been a public relations re-branding, ‘life sciences’ has now adopted an almost entirely technological, commercial focus on genetically-modified products and pharmaceuticals.
Striving to make Canadian industries more competitive in the global marketplace by helping them generate and commercialize innovative products is the right aim, but the Conservative approach will do more harm than good if it continues to take money away from basic scientific research.
Rx&D, BIOTECanada say intellectual property proposals will protect Canadian innovation and attract capital, but harmonization with EU could put generic drug and regenerative medicine industries at a disadvantage.

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